Mission and Core Values

Core Values - What defines us.

Relational- Faith Factory is a community. We are a spiritual family. Every person is important regardless of who you are, where you come from or what socio-economic situation you are in. We celebrate diversity. You are our honored guest and there is a place for you here to belong and thrive.

Engaging- We recognize people are at different places on their spiritual journey. We provide ministry that meets you right where you are. Feel comfortable to discover and grow in Christ.

Authentic- Simply put, we are real people. We are all in process and desire to grow together. You don't have to prove yourself to us and no masks are needed. So, wherever you are in life you will experience a love that is challenging but judgment free.

Leadership Development- It is the privilege and responsibility of every Christ follower to impart what they have learned to others. We must each have a mentor, a partner, and an apprentice, to fulfill the purposes God has for each of us.

Intimate Spirituality- We believe that God desires relationship with us. We can know God, not just know about Him. We pursue God as Lord, Father and Friend.

Truth- In a world without absolutes, we teach truth consistent with the Bible that is never changing but always relevant.

Yielded- God is active in our lives and church through His Spirit. As we yield to the Holy Spirit we are empowered to fulfill the purposes God has for our church and our lives.